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Real People, Ripped Results

Jose Magana went from walking to weight training*

“My goal was to improve my health because I was tired of not being able to do simple tasks. My…

Josh Williams cut to his MMA fighting weight*

“After taking a couple of years away from MMA to focus on university, I found my weight balloon up from…

Christopher Thompson lost 10 lbs in only 8 days*

“My goal was to improve my overall diet and obtain the lean look I had before breaking my hand in…

Shawn Brown dropped 87 lbs*

“My goal was to get healthy and get into shape. My kids were my main motivation. I didn’t want to…

Michael Berry got the beach body he wanted*

“My wife and I planned a vacation to Hawaii. Weighing 225 lbs and having a big beer belly, I didn’t…

Nick Stephens finally saw abs for the first time*

“I have always lifted weights assuming that I would just get bigger and maybe it was just ‘genetics’ that kept…

Eser Ekici lost 70 lbs*

“My initial goal was to get as lean as possible and to see my abs for the first time in…

Justin Armstrong lost 71 lbs*

“In 2004 I had knee surgery that had complications and it caused me to lose a lot of my mobility….

Staci went from size 14 to size 2*

“After stupid fad diets proved to be unsuccessful, The Dolce Diet is the one program I’ve been able to happily…

Daniel lost 45 lbs*

“My whole family was overweight, have diabetes and are unhealthy. I was 200 lbs and didn’t want to fall into…

*Individual results may vary

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how the dolce diet works



  • 1 week to get prepared
  • Set your goals
  • Organize your kitchen
  • Get into The Dolce Diet mindset


Get Shredded

  • Personalized meal plans and workouts
  • Build a body you never thought possible
  • Learn the secrets of the pros
  • Lose up to 21 lbs in 21 days!


Live Lean

  • Continue to build muscle and shred body fat
  • Create lasting healthy habits
  • Enjoy new recipes and workouts to keep living lean
  • No more yo-yo dieting
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