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Real People, Ripped Results

David Aberdeen cut to a fighter’s physique*

“My goal was to meet the real me as I had never met him. My motivation was that I didn’t…

Toby O’Neill cut down to 14 lbs*

“As a kid I was constantly bullied for being fat and it became something I truly never thought could be…

Marty White got the UFC body he wanted*

“My journey to be a better me began when I realized that I no longer felt as I did at…

Pamela Clinghan dropped 11 lbs in the first week!*

“Being so young and so heavy, I was starting to get health issues. At the time I was engaged to…

Anne Wood transformed her life!*

“I started after feeling lost, ashamed, and out of control with my eating and body. I started simple by adding…

Stephanie Murray-Foulkes turned her life around*

“On my 32nd birthday, I decided I no longer wanted to be fat and unhealthy. I wanted to be here…

Scott Whitteker reached his fighting-fit weight*

“I came across Living Lean online while looking for tips on health and nutrition. I’ve always struggled with sticking to…

Kevin Harvey lost 24 lbs*

“My story is one of wanting to dispel myths and determine the truth behind the before and after transformation many…

Daniel lost 45 lbs*

“My whole family was overweight, have diabetes and are unhealthy. I was 200 lbs and didn’t want to fall into…

*Individual results may vary

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how the dolce diet works



  • 1 week to get prepared
  • Set your goals
  • Organize your kitchen
  • Get into The Dolce Diet mindset


Get Shredded

  • Personalized meal plans and workouts
  • Build a body you never thought possible
  • Learn the secrets of the pros
  • Lose up to 21 lbs in 21 days!


Live Lean

  • Continue to build muscle and shred body fat
  • Create lasting healthy habits
  • Enjoy new recipes and workouts to keep living lean
  • No more yo-yo dieting
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