3 Ways to Thicken Your Smoothie

3 Ways to Thicken Your Smoothie

By Amber Lowry

For some people, nothing’s more of a buzzkill than a watery smoothie. If you find yourself wanting a heavy smoothie minus the extra sugar that comes with adding banana, check out the options below.

1. Avocado

To get a creamy, thickened consistency, gut a ripe avocado and throw it in with the rest of your smoothie blend. With more potassium than banana, plus an impressive healthy fat and nutrient profile, you can’t go wrong with this super fruit.

2. Canned coconut milk

Another source of creaminess with an added bonus of healthy fat is canned coconut milk. In addition to the delicious taste of coconut, adding coconut milk will help keep you fuller for longer. You can purchase either full fat or low fat coconut milk at any supermarket. Those drinking post-workout protein smoothies/shakes might want to avoid this high fat option due to the fat interfering with the body’s absorption of protein.

3. Frozen fruit and veggies

Instead of adding ice, which can give smoothies a thicker texture but eventually water them down, try adding frozen produce. Everything from berries to greens can be found in the frozen food aisle, or you can freeze your own fruits and veggies by putting them in a freezer-friendly storage bag or container.