5 Ways to Improve Sleep

Having trouble sleeping often has to do with our daily habits. Here is a list of things to do during the day to help improve your sleep cycle.

1) Sleep in a Dark Room

Light doesn’t allow us to fall into a fully deep sleep. Tip: PUT DOWN THE PHONE. Studies show that the light from our cell phones tend to keep us awake longer, even after we’ve shut them off.

2) Read Instead

This will relax you and allow your brain to focus.

3) Exercise

You’ll see an improvement in sleep if you work out regularly 3-5 days per week rigorously. HOWEVER, if you are overtraining, or more technically, falling into Overreaching Syndrome, you will see inconsistent sleep patterns. If you train twice a day, every day with no rest days, your body will never fully recover, and your sleep will suffer.

4) Increase your Zinc and Magnesium Intake

These two minerals can improve sleep quality, along with melatonin. Add more zinc through protein-rich foods like nuts and meat/poultry. Add more magnesium with nuts and seeds.

5) Step Outside

Exposure to natural light helps regulate the body’s natural sleep cycle, which will allow you to fall into a deeper sleep faster, and stay asleep.

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