by Food 4 Abs
Product Type: Diet and Exercise Book. Also includes recipes and workout plans of top athletes.
Main Goal/Purpose: Lose fat, improve your health, improve strength and conditioning.
Required Experience: None – GREAT for beginners and people who need to lose fat. Advanced trainees could benefit if they’re bored and looking to change things up.
Overview: Mike Dolce is an ex-MMA Fighter. He now acts as nutrition consultant and coach to some of the top guys in the business. This book details the principles, foods, and fat loss strategies he uses with his athletes.
Rating: 4 STARS

Mike Dolce: Living Lean Review

If you’re a member of any fitness or nutrition forums, chances are you’ve already heard about the Dolce Diet. Same goes if you’re on twitter and actively follow fitness or nutrition authors. It would be a somewhat harsh to call it the ‘latest craze’ in the health and fitness industry, given the ‘fad diet’ connotations that come with that title, but it’s certainly nearing it.

Let’s start by clearing that up; this is no fad diet.

Yes, it’s getting widespread coverage across the internet – google it and you’ll find dozens of glowing reviews, references, and before and after transformations – but its a solid program from a top coach. It’s also a print book, so if you’re a little apprehensive of purchasing ebooks over the internet, you can order it from Amazon and it’ll be in your hands the next day.
What’s so special about The Dolce Diet: Living Lean?
This diet is implemented by many of the top UFC fighters and has received an insane amount of mainstream praise – TV, twitter, online reviews, print reviews – it’s been hard to avoid. So if you’re one of those people who need to see that a diet plan has worked before, and want evidence of it, just take a look at some of the top UFC fighters as its been used by many of them. It’s hard to find a better endorsement than the top MMA fighters for your diet – they require strength, extreme leanness, and lots of energy.
I had two initial concerns before I read the diet and implemented it myself; firstly that since it was used by athletes who train and fight for a living it would be VERY hard for a ‘normal guy’ with a full-time job to implement into his lifestyle, and secondly, since Mike Dolce is charging his clients a fortune, surely he wouldn’t give the ‘normal guy’ all the information he uses with his rich clients in a $30 book.
I can dispel both of the above concerns for you. The book reads well and demonstrates how you can fit the meals into your lifestyle, it really shouldn’t be any harder to fit the dolce diet meals into your lifestyle than what you’re currently eating! In terms of the eating plan, it’s probably most similar to the Paleo Diet, however on the dolce diet you will still get some room for manouvere with occassional burgers, and yummy pancakes!
So will it help me lose fat? Should I get it?
If your primary goal is fat loss then this is a great resource to have. Follow the plan and the weight drops off quickly. In fact, I used the Dolce Diet for a cutting phase and certainly noticed that the fat came off a lot quicker than usual. It’s rare in that this book that can be applied by those who are already lean to get them super-ripped, while its also a great book if you’re fat and looking to lose a few pounds.
Energy levels of the diet were very good, this is probably attributable to high levels of vegetables and fruits you’ll be eating on the plan. It’s certainly a lot better than an ‘atkins’ type plan in this regard. I was also able to go about my daily routine and workouts with ease. Most of my lifts stayed the same, however I did notice good strength increases in chest and shoulder exercises, adding about 10lbs to my bench press in 4 weeks.
The Dolce Diet is surprisingly easy to follow, even if you’re normally a real diet slacker! That’s one of the most important points when releasing a diet to the general public. In my experience in this industry, when constructing a diet for super-motivated gym veterans who’ve been training for years they’ll put themselves through hell for some incremental physique improvement, on the flip side of the coin, many non-gym goers aren’t prepared to make minor sacrifices for massive benefits to their health, appearance and lifestyle.
Mike Dolce provides a brilliantly told story too, doing a great job in keeping the reader interested and motivated throughout. So if you really hate reading books on fitness and nutrition, don’t worry, it’s honestly an intriguing read. Mr Dolce recounts his experiences working with top MMA fighters, proving an insight into the world of top athletes.
So, if you’re a seasoned gym vet and been training ten years, or you’re new to all of this and just looking to lose some fat and improve your health, this is a rewarding book. You know that you’re getting a plan that works, has great backing, and most importantly – is easy to follow. I would recommend this to anyone. A must have.