MIKE DOLCE: The Top 10 Items in My Kitchen

The Top 10 Items In My Kitchen

by Mike Dolce

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1) Water. We use a water purifying system made by Berkey, which sits on on our counter top and can be filled directly from our tap. What I like about the Berkey system is how convenient and affordable it is. At less than 6 cents per gallon, we reduce 99.99 percent of all viruses, bacteria, chemicals, metals and more. It’s much less expensive than a complete home filter and more effective than one of those Pur® filters that hangs off your faucet.


2) Chia. Also known as a Warrior Food, chia seeds have been used for centuries by native tribes venturing out on hunting parties or in the midst of waging war. Why chia? Because this seed is power packed with essential fats, proteins, carbohydrates and fiber. It is very easy to store -natives carried it in satchels at the hip – and it mixes well with water as a beverage, or turns into a pudding.

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3) Coconut Oil. This oil is a mainstay for me. We can talk about the amazing benefit of medium chain triglycerides that it contains or the delicious creamy flavor it possesses. I have 1 tsp. of coconut oil in my black coffee to take the place of a sweetener and creamer. I also use it to make my famous Tropical Fried Chicken. We use this essential oil every day.


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4) Blendtec. This high-powered blender has completely changed my life. We make our own almond butter for heavens sake! Ice cream, soups, hummus, and of course smoothies. It’s paid itself off just in the amount of produce we’ve been able to use (a juicer just juices, but in a Blendtec we’re able to juice down the pulp and all!) and it’s expanded our ability to create recipes most traditional kitchens just aren’t equipped for.


5) Stainless steel cookware. This does include a good sharp knife! Our cookware is much like our mattresses, we should not go cheap or surely we will be disappointed with our purchase. I always make sure to stay away from any painted or coated surfaces. The last thing I want is chemicals leeching into my food at high temperatures when I’m trying to prepare a healthy meal for my family. Next, we need durability and craftsmanship that most quality stainless steel products will offer so the pans heat evenly, allowing you to fully utilize your entire cooking surface. Longevity. It is steel after all and it may be around long after you are!

glass-containers-dolce-diet6) Glass containers. This will allow us to store our food and juices in a non-porous, chemical free container allowing our nutrients to stay fresher with less chance of contamination as may happen with traditional plastic products. Glass is also much more durable if handled properly and should last through many decades of normal use.
7) Vegetables. I always make sure we have an abundance of fresh veggies on hand. I don’t get too crazy about exact types and always look for what is fresh, local, in season, 100 percent organic and non-GMO. With these criteria, I may have spinach, kale, chard, Brussels sprouts, asparagus and broccoli rotating through my menu with great frequency, as opposed to simply eating broccoli and spinach every day. We like to diversify our veggies.
8) Fruit. Very similar to veggies, we also like to rotate our fruit sources but we are a bit more selective as fruits can have a high sugar content and are only eaten at certain times in controlled amounts. Bananas and dates are very high in sugar and should be eaten after training. Grapes and apples are a bit milder and make great snacks. Berries and melons are easy to digest and perfect early in the day or as a dessert.


9) Eggs. I consider eggs to be a wonder food. They are delicious, highly nutritious and carry a ton of nutrition for such a small size. Eggs, when cutting weight, can be a lifeline to a normal life. I like to make eggs all sorts of ways when cutting weight. Omelets, scrambled, deviled, poached, fried, and quiche are just a few of my recipes. Mix up some peppers, onions, tomatoes, spinach and we have a party!

bobs-red-mill-organic-oat-bran-dolce-diet10) Oats & Oat Bran. These are a staple for me. The power of oats simply cannot be denied, and the ease of preparation, availability, cost effectiveness and nutrient per gram is stellar. Oats are my favorite way to start the day and mix so well with many vital nutrients.